What Materials can be Used on a Touchscreen?

Ever wondered if there are some materials and different products that can actually function on a touchscreen and make the screen react? After all, wouldn’t it be cool to know that some normal products can be used instead of doing a specifically designed stylus by yourself?

Of course, the best and most functional option would be actually buying a real stylus instead of experimenting with household objects, but hey, you can try, at least for scientific purposes! After all, you will be surprised what kinds of things can truly make a touchscreen respond to them!

We haven’t got a clue that any of these things respond to electronic device before we started this experiment. However, turns out we were missing out on a lot of things, considering the fact that there are tons of things and different materials out there that respond to electronic devices.

Wonder what is the first thing? An apple! Nope, not an “Apple” device, but a real, juicy apple. Just try them on your electronic device and see what happens. The banana is another thing that can function on a smartphone or any kind of touchscreen. It does not matter if it is peeled or not, but it truly functions better if it is peeled. Pretty fascinating, don’t you think? You should definitely try using them instead of a homemade stylus!

Luckily, the next thing on our list is not another fruit that can act as a homemade stylus. A battery is another thing that can respond to your touchscreen, which is quite obvious, considering the fact that a batter conducts the electricity and will easily leave an effect on the touchscreen. Only the negative part of it works, though, so go for the “minus” side, not the “plus” side.

Pennies, which are generally made out of copper which is a conductive metal just like silver, responds to touch screens too, would work if they were bigger. However, because they weigh only 2.5 grams and that is not enough for it to work on a touchscreen device.

Another interesting material that works pretty well is an aluminum crisp packet. We used onion and cheese crisps which were placed in a packet made out of aluminum and we succeeded! It worked because of the element. 

We also tried using leaves and they work, but it is hard and a bit tricky if you want to hold them and make them steady enough to cover a bigger surface of the touchscreen. They are easily destroyed so we prefer using a more solid object made out of a specific material instead of something that we can ruin in a second. 

Satsuma mandarin also works quite well, if it is the right size. All you have to do is take one part of this fruit and use it for your device. Apart from fruits and crisp packets, we decided to try gloves which contain metal fibers places in the part for the index finger and the thumb. They work perfectly and everyone who is into working on their device with gloves on their hands should definitely buy a pair.