Javelin Stylus Pen Review

In the modern days it is practically impossible to imagine our world without electronic. We use smartphones, tablets and all kind of electronic that are design with touch technology. The use of stylus pens is making a big comeback. While some people are not keen on using them, some rejoice with the idea of them and their usefulness. There are a lot of pros and cons on using them but we can’t neglect their primary goal and that is to make our life easier.

Today we will write the Javelin Stylus Pen Review and what is our opinion on one of the newest models of stylus pen.

One of the best characteristics of the Javelin Stylus Pen is that is compatible with all devices. So, no matter if you use an Apple phones and Ipads, Kindle, Microsoft Tablets or Samsung Galaxy phones. This pen will make your life easier. With the use of this kind of pen you can be more precise and get more of the characteristics of your device. Also if you need something to write on paper, why not use this pen, because it has that option too.

This is a small and stylish pen that is only 7.3 inches. Even though is the largest in the Precision Touch line, still is really comfortable to use. There is a lot of thought that has gone into this pen, and the small thinning in the middle helps to grasp it better.

The new thing that they promoted is the replacement tips. You can order them separately. They are made of quality aluminum and if the original wears off, you don’t have to worry.

When researching about stylus pens, some people raiseconcernt about losing them. This is something that the javelin stylus pen has it covered in a sophisticated and elegant way. This pen comes with a chromed shirt clip or a tether ring, so you have options on storing your pen.

Another great advantage of this pen is the price. While it’s competition offers similar pens for big sums of money, this pen will not break the bank. The retail price on Amazon is only 13 dollars. 

As we mentioned in the beginning of this text, the use of electronics is something that we can’t imagine out everyday life. So one of the best things that the Javelin Stylus Pen offers is the possibility of personalizing your pen. They offer imprints on the barrel. The finish is elegant and makes a huge difference for promotional goals. You can choose from 5 different metallic colors.

In the end, no matter if you are a fan of stylus pan or not, we have to mention that this devices are the future. With the development of sensitive touch screens the need for soft stylus pen is invaluable. They protect the screens from scratches. Also they can help us in cold months and when somebody has orthopedic disabilities.

One thing we can do is try using one of this pens. After trying and reviewing the Javelin Stylus Pen with out phones, I don’t know if we are ever going back.