Pendorra Stylus Pen Review

One of the main highlighting points of the Pendorra stylus lies in the fact that it is designed to cater to the needs of all users. This implies that it can be used by Apple device owners as well as traditional owners. It is one of the newly launched products by the company Pendorra.

However, though it is new, it has been able to garner a significant amount of popularity. As it is a universal stylus pen, it can be used by many users who do not own expensive devices.

Unlike the rubber ball type stylus, this product sports a sleek and slender tip that provides you with greater efficiency and accuracy. Quite interestingly, this pen promises to work on any platform irrespective of the software. It does not require pairing and connecting. It has a slim design. Moreover, it’s 2.2 mm tip promises to offer you precision.

Setup and unboxing

The Pendorra stylus comes in a package that has the close resemblance to the Apple Stylus. The color of this pen is white, and it has the minimalistic design which can attract many buyers. Inside the box, you would get the stylus itself and its USB charging adapter. This USB charging adapter is quite adept at converting the micro USB plug on the end of this device to a standard USB socket.

Experts recommend you to charge this stylus fully before using it. If you are a first time owner of this stylus pen, you have just to remove the cap and plug it into the socket. A light indicator beneath the cap will show that your device is charging. This indicator would also notify you when to unplug the device from the outlet. 

The design and build quality of this stylus

One of the main points of this stylus lies in the fact that it has a high build quality. Moreover, the tip of this stylus is designed in such a manner that it can withstand pressures.

On the other hand, it can provide you with efficiency and practicality to get the best of your creative thoughts. Whether you are drawing or writing, this stylus pen makes sure that you have a great interactive experience while using it. It is available in a wide range of colors. The most notable colors are silver, grey, gold and rose. As it is smooth and lightweight, you can use it to draw without any difficulties.

In this context, you should note that the cap of the Pendorra stylus is removable for charging. Hence, you should not lose it as it can have serious repercussions on the efficiency of your stylus. While using this stylus, you would notice an instant appreciation for this stylus as the tip of this stylus is only 2.2mm. This allows you to have greater freedom in drawing any shape or pattern.

You should always opt for the stylus pens that have a good tip. The product mentioned above not only has a good tip, but it also triumphs above other stylus pens.