How to Use Stylus Pen on iPad?

You would usually come across a variety of tutorials on how to use stylus pen on your iPad or any other tablet you own. In the last few years, the high demand for tablets and the evolution of its properties has given rise to productivity and thus, to helpful utensils.

If you have a graphics intensive mind, then you should seriously consider using a stylus pen on your tablet. There are various types of stylus pens available in the market. Each one of these stylus pens have their unique features. Quite interestingly, if you are more into drawing than texting on your iPad, then you should know the techniques to use a stylus pen efficiently.

Why do you need a stylus?

It is a widely accepted fact that mobility is the central feature of a tablet. So, you may be a bit surprised to know the importance of a stylus pen. Using a stylus pen during long iPad sessions is much more comfortable. It would give you more precision in drawing and texting. It will also prevent a majority of those smudges and fingerprints on the screen. On the other side, if you are an artist, then you should always opt for a stylus pen to interact with your iPad.

The use of stylus pen with the iPad

Apple stylus pens are available separately in the market. The contents of the box include a lightning adapter, a new Apple Pencil and an extra tip. There are some manuals you would find inside the box that describes how to use the stylus pen with iPad. The first and foremost step is to pair your Apple Pencil with iPad. You should note that the first time you use your Apple Pencil, uncap it and plug it into the connector on your iPad.

After a few moments, you would see the Pair Button. You have to tap this button to make your stylus pen work with the iPad. After the pairing process is complete, it would stay paired until you restart the iPad. However, you have to pair your Apple Pencil again when you are available to use it again.

Paint, Draw and more with the stylus pen on iPad

If you are using a stylus pen that is being manufactured by Apple, you can use the built-in apps from the App Store. If you are more into graphics, then you can download individual applications that support drawing. However, you should note that if you want to add shades your drawn line, then tilt the Apple Pencil. On the other hand, you can widen your line by pressing it more firmly.

Here is how to use stylus with your iPad

  • Open notes
  • Press tap
  • If you do not see the tap option, then upgrade your notes
  • Start drawing. You can select from a variety of colors and tools from the tool bar. You can switch to the eraser if you have made a mistake.