How to make a Stylus Pen without Conductive Foam

If you don’t want to spend your money on a store bought stylus pen, or if you are up to a do it yourself project that is both fun and useful, you could always work on a homemade stylus pen. It might not be on a design level as the fancy stylus pens but it will be your craftsmanship. If you happen to be a teacher you can teach your students how to make a stylus pen and it will make for a wonderful project that you can have as a class. It’s easy, fun and fast. And the best part is, you can make one by using household items.

This is one of the easiest methods of how to make a stylus pen. You need just few materials, aluminum foil, some tape, and a pencil. You are free to use a pen or a chopstick depending on your preferences. You will also need a sharp knife. Use the knife to whittle the pencil so it is not so sharp around the top edges.

When whittling the pencil make sure you don’t make it too thin and sharp on the top, because the touch screen might not register it. Rather than that just round it up a bit to mimic a shape of a pencil eraser or the tip of your finger. If you skip this step there is still a chance that your stylus pen would work, but this will make it more comfortable to use. Not rounding the tip will make the stylus pen work only if held straight, rounding it will give you the opportunity to have a bit of a tilt when using it.

The next step includes the aluminum foil. You need the wrap the pencil in at least two layers of it. Make sure you cover the whole pencil length with aluminum foil. When wrapping the tip make sure you smooth it out. You don’t want any wrinkles or folds. After that tape the aluminum foil at the center of the pencil to make sure it stays in place. This will make the stylus feel more secure and will keep the aluminum foil from unfolding.  Work carefully to avoid wrinkles and keep everything as smooth as possible.

Next thing you need to do is take a piece of scotch tape and place it on the top of the pencil. The part where the tip of the stylus pen should be. This will further smooth out the aluminum foil and it will prevent it from damaging or scratching the touch screen on your device. Again, you need to do this carefully and make sure the tip is smooth and round. Use your fingers and delicately place and then smooth the scotch tape over the tip of the stylus pen.

Try it on your phone. Your stylus pen is ready for you to use as you see fit. See if it works. It by any chance the touch screen on your phone has trouble registering it, try flattening the tip of the pencil further more.

DIY Stylus Pen

Stylus pens have become a common accessory to any touchscreen device, whether it’s a mobile phone, a smart board or a tablet, but they have become especially popular when using a tablet. This has led to a rise of stylus manufacturers and the variety of stylus pens. But this should not stop you from being crafty and fashioning a stylus pen yourself. After all, it is easy and you can do it yourself.

If you really enjoy drawing on a tablet, but would want to be more precise than just smudging colors with your finger, or even if you want to take notes faster and clearer, you can make your own stylus pen with some materials you have at home or can buy for almost nothing. What you need is a plastic pen, conductive foam, some wire, and tape.

Before you start, you make sure your foam is conductive by trying it on a touchscreen, if it works and the touchscreen is sensitive, then you can be sure that is a conductive foam and you are good to go.

Now what you need to do is empty the pen, removing the tip, the ink and the bottom part that holds the tip, so what you have left is the plastic shell, this is the part you are going to use. You will also want to remove the end cap of the pen so that it is open from both sides.

Now cut a piece of conductive foam but make sure the piece is rectangular shape and the shorter side a bit bigger than the bottom opening of the pen. Now strip a part of the wire from isolation. Strip just enough wire to wrap around the conductive foam. You will use this to fasten the foam and slide it through the pen, pushing it inside, with the wire going all through the pen and going out the other side. This way you will end up with a plastic pen shell with a tip of conductive sponge and a wire coming out the other side of it.

Next, you need to strip the isolation from the other side of the wire and wrap that wire around the outside of the pen. This way, when you hold your homemade stylus, the wire will provide contact with your skin. You can fasten this with some tape. 

The last thing you can do is use some scissors to make the tip finer and more polished. Cut the foam in a way that will look like a pencil eraser. And that’s it. Now you can enjoy your homemade stylus pen.