How to Make a Fine Point Stylus for Android

Ever wondered how to make a fine point stylus for android without spending any of your money in a specific store? Then you should stop looking because you have finally stumbled upon the right place to find out where to create a brand new touchscreen stylus for yourself.

People started these do it yourself project in the last year and they are very happy with the fantastic outcome. It turns out that making a stylus for an android phone was not so hard after all. All you really need is to stay focused and follow the instructions that will help you create the perfect pen for Android.

Did you know that there is a way to turn your pen into a personalized stylus pen without using any extra cash for it? That way, you can have a pen that can be used anytime on your Android device. That way, you will also gain some control each time you use your Android phone. As we all know, it can sometimes be hard to purchase a very good high quality stylus pen, so why not opt for a homemade one? On the other hand, this would be a great project for anyone who has never used a stylus pen before. That way you will find out whether you really need this device or you can stick to the old fashioned way of using your Android phone- and that is by using your fingers.

This trick can be used for many different phones or other devices and gadgets such as tablets or laptops. It does not necessarily mean that you can only use it on an Android device. It is a very easy thing to do, but also one hundred percent effective and also intriguing. The first thing you need to do is find a very normal looking pencil in your house. After that, start digging for an old sock you do not use anymore and a pair of scissors. These are the three different things you need that will serve you great when you want to do your own stylus for your smart device.

What you need to remember is that the sock you are going to use for this experiment should be fully anti static. This is a very specific material that contains silver thread. The thread is going to help you and work perfectly on the Android touchscreen, and that is exactly why it is important that they contain this particular material. All you need to do is gently wrap up the normal looking pencil in your sock that contains anti static fabric. This trick should work perfectly on an Android device. All you need to do is try it out by doing a few gentle strokes on your device. If needed, you can change the pencil and the sock with silver thread from time to time- if you notice some slight alterations or bigger changes in the way the homemade stylus pencil works.

How to Make a Stylus Pen

Whether you misplaced your own stylus pen or you want a better precision tool when using your touchscreen, but don’t feel like buying a new stylus, making one is fairly easy. You will only need a few household items and you are on your way to making your own stylus pen.

First you need to know what kind of touchscreen you are working with. Some touchscreens are pressure sensitive. With these kinds you don’t really need to fashion any kind of device, you can just use a regular pen or any pen like object which can induce pressure on the screen, you just need to be careful not to scratch and damage the screen. If however, you are working with a device with a capacitive touch screen, which most iPhones or Android phones have, you will need an electrical conductor so the screen can register where the contact is made.

To make a stylus pen you don’t really need any special skills or fancy equipment and parts. If you are working with a capacitive touch screen, you will just need material that can transmit electricity, just like a human finger would. A lot of household items can do this, for example you can use a type of rubber or a sponge. So you can make a stylus pen by using items like a cheap plastic pen or pencil, some duct tape, a sponge and aluminum foil.

The first way to make a stylus pen is by using a simple plastic pen, which really work best. Of course if you have another pen that feels more comfortable go ahead and use that. The second part is making the tip. You can do this with a piece of sponge. You can use a regular sponge for dish washing, just make sure it’s dry. Empty the inside of the pen and make a tip out of a small piece of sponge, you can use scissors to cut the sponge. And here you go, you have a homemade stylus pen. 

The second way to make a stylus pen is with a pencil and aluminum foil. First to need to cut the tip of the pencil but don’t sharpen it too much. Make a flat surface of about the size of an eraser. Then you need to wrap the pencil in the aluminum foil, make sure the whole thing is covered. And then wrap it with some scotch tape which will ensure your screen doesn’t get scratched. And there you go, another way to make a stylus pen. Enjoy.