The Apple Stylus Pencil – to Get or not to Get?

As you most probably know, Apple has a $99 Apple Stylus Pencil that is very hard to find in stores and you can only use it with 12.9” iPad Pro. Apple stands strong behind the high price of their products, so we decided to take a closer look at the Apple stylus, see how it works and compare it to other more affordable alternatives.

If you are an Apple die hard fan, you will love this pencil (if you are not, you will love it too!). It is definitely one of the finest styli out there, no doubt about that. Bu what makes it so special? Almost entirely covered in plastic, this magnificently created stylus is designed to have a perfect weight and fit just right in an adult hand.

When you first get to use this Apple product, you won’t be able to think about any other stylus. It has no buttons whatsoever, and enables you to use it immediately, with no need to turn it manually on.

As per charging, the Apple stylus is able to recharge directly from the iPad you are using it with, thanks to the hidden Lightning plug. Designed to be unbelievably simple to use and draw with, the writing experience with Apple stylus pen is way different from other products used for this purpose.

Also, two other features that we find the Apple stylus is lacking are the buttons and high run time. While being way more expensive than other stylus options, this pencil has no turn on/off button and that means you cannot manually turn it off, which makes it difficult to adjust its functionality and not drain those 12 hours of battery power really fast.

No other control buttons were added, such as erase option or undo, so that makes room for more improvement in near future, hopefully.

If you want to resist this elegant and nice product by Apple, there are other alternatives, of course. The experience and features are different, but you’ll get to pay a lot less and still have a nice stylus in your hand. Our picks are: Adonit Jot Dash, Wacom Intuos CS2 and Ten One Pogo Connect 2.

Our advice is to wait for few more improvements before paying a lot of cash to get the Apple experience. There is definitely room for more useful features, so maybe it’s best to wait some time and get the most for your money.

Best Stylus for Note-taking 2017

Finding the perfect stylus for note-taking can be quite time-absorbing, especially if you are a picky artist. It is a fact, however, that each artist has their own perfect medium that they choose for expressing themselves. The stylus pen is the latest artistic innovation that can be of great help for graphic designers, designers, painters and artists of any kind that have decided to do their work on their tablets.

The first stylus that we consider as the best for taking notes is the pencil by Apple which first emerged back in 2015, when the stylus pen was still a novelty This stylus functions if it is used on the iPad Pro and it is considered as one of the most effective and responsive hi-tech pens that are currently sold on the market. The iPad Pro has quite a sensitive screen, and thanks to that, this stylus can easily produce and create amazing artistic lines that contain a lot of interesting and different ways of drawing on it.

The second pen on our list is the stylus by Adobe called Ink and Slide. This is the perfect pen for people who want to do creative drawing on their tablets – you can do all kinds of shapes with this stylus. It is perfect for drawing circles and lines of all kinds – so it means that if you are into doing some geometric art, you need to check out this stylus.

The pen can be synced with one of the most famous platforms, Creative Cloud, and plus, it can also be synced with Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Line. So, it is definitely the perfect pen for artist with Photoshop skills. On the plus side, it looks like a regular every day pen and it doesn’t weigh at all. You will feel like you are holding a regular ink pen in your hand while drawing on your tablet with it.

The third stylus on our list is called Pencil. Its unique shape and design makes it much more different from the rest. It looks like it has been made straight out of the woods, and its fine, organic-looking color is favorite among graphic designers. There are several tools that come available alongside this pen, like for example – watercolor drawing, ink sketches, drawing fine lines, comic-like drawing etc.

It is the perfect stylus that FiftyThree designed specifically for people who are into more organic looking designs. It also has an eraser that is already built into it. All you need to do is flip the pencil on the other side and you have an eraser. It does not weigh at all, so just like the above mentioned stylus, this one will feel like you are holding a regular pen in your hand. When the battery runs out, the tip of the pen can be removed and the USB stick can be popped in and thus, the pen is still usable while drawing with it.

5 Specifications of a Top Notch Stylus Pen

Finding a top notch stylus pen can be a difficult task if you haven’t really used a stylus pen in the past. These types of pens have recently gained popularity, after the emerging of all kinds of smartphone and tablet devices that can sometimes even be used as drawing boards and not just smart technology devices.

A stylus pen can take you to places that nothing else can, because it will give you the commodity to fell like you are scribbling things on a piece of paper, not on your smart device. By using a stylus pen, you are basically combining the best things that come out of two different worlds. We strongly recommend the Bamboo Duo. We managed to pick five important specifications about the Bamboo stylus pen that make it more special than the rest on the market.

  1. This stylus pen is the perfect pen for young people who want to have the coolest new stylus device for their phone or tablet. This stylus can be used for tapping around smoothly and writing down light notes. Lucky for you, it is ready to use  for any sort of smartphone or other touch device. It is also used for writing on normal piece of paper so there you go- you really can get the best out of these two worlds- the 3D one and the “smart” one, too!

2. You can easily capture, or should we say draw all of your ideas that pop into your head analogue or digitally. All you have to do is pick the smoothly designed tip made out of carbon fiber if you are into drawing on a normal piece of paper, pick the high-quality ballpoint and start doing your thing! The Bamboo pen is easy to use and will make you feel like a true pro while using it on your touch screen, that’s for sure.

3. The tip of this pen is totally replaceable. That is another think that makes this pen loved among many young people. You can refill it with the standard ink (the D1). Apart from that, the tip made out of carbon fiber will last a long time ahead of you and plus, it is also replaceable.

4. The design is perfect. The ergonomic triangular shaped pen is definitely balanced out and feels more than comfortable while holding it in your hands. The surface is soft to the touch and thus, the pen is easy to use and it’s also light as a feather.

5.Who would have thought that you can get the Bamboo Duo pen in four different colors? This fantastic contemporary pen comes in four colors – blue, white, black and pink. Apart from that, the cap is magnetized and secured so the clip can easily fit the cover on your personal touch device (tablet for example).