The Apple Stylus Pencil – to Get or not to Get?

As you most probably know, Apple has a $99 Apple Stylus Pencil that is very hard to find in stores and you can only use it with 12.9” iPad Pro. Apple stands strong behind the high price of their products, so we decided to take a closer look at the Apple stylus, see how it works and compare it to other more affordable alternatives.

If you are an Apple die hard fan, you will love this pencil (if you are not, you will love it too!). It is definitely one of the finest styli out there, no doubt about that. Bu what makes it so special? Almost entirely covered in plastic, this magnificently created stylus is designed to have a perfect weight and fit just right in an adult hand.

When you first get to use this Apple product, you won’t be able to think about any other stylus. It has no buttons whatsoever, and enables you to use it immediately, with no need to turn it manually on.

As per charging, the Apple stylus is able to recharge directly from the iPad you are using it with, thanks to the hidden Lightning plug. Designed to be unbelievably simple to use and draw with, the writing experience with Apple stylus pen is way different from other products used for this purpose.

Also, two other features that we find the Apple stylus is lacking are the buttons and high run time. While being way more expensive than other stylus options, this pencil has no turn on/off button and that means you cannot manually turn it off, which makes it difficult to adjust its functionality and not drain those 12 hours of battery power really fast.

No other control buttons were added, such as erase option or undo, so that makes room for more improvement in near future, hopefully.

If you want to resist this elegant and nice product by Apple, there are other alternatives, of course. The experience and features are different, but you’ll get to pay a lot less and still have a nice stylus in your hand. Our picks are: Adonit Jot Dash, Wacom Intuos CS2 and Ten One Pogo Connect 2.

Our advice is to wait for few more improvements before paying a lot of cash to get the Apple experience. There is definitely room for more useful features, so maybe it’s best to wait some time and get the most for your money.