How to Make DIY Stylus in 2 mins

Ever wondered if you could make a diy stylus in 2 mins? Well guess what, these days there is an option for that! You can make a stylus by yourself and you can use it on your smartphone just the same as you would use your normal stylus.

At one point in your life, you will just have to come to realization that you can actually use something more than your hand for your smart gadget. What is interesting is that by making your personal and do-it-yourself stylus, you will not need to spend 30 dollars on a little metal piece.

Instead, you will be a bit productive and do one by yourself. In order for the stylus to function properly, it will need to carry all of the electricity that is fully static from the top of your hand to some of the material and then on your smartphone or smart gadget screen. You can actually do one by yourself by using cheap and funky materials that you can actually find anywhere around the house. What is even more interesting is that you can actually do this gadget in 2 minutes! You will only need a small q-tip (a small cotton swab), some foil (preferably aluminum), a pair of scissors, a strong tape and a normal pen.

The first thing you need to do is remove all of the used ink from your pen. After that, take the q-tip and cut it in an angle. After you do that, you should place the q-tip inside of your pen and simply tape all around so the q-tip does not fall off easily. Wrap all of the aluminum foil you need around your pen. It should be like 1-3 centimeters after the q-tip.

When you do that, wrap it up lightly and simply put some tape in the end so you can fully secure it. Put a tiny little bit of water on your cotton swab and do not worry – by doing this, you are not going to ruin your smart gadget. There you go! These are the simple tips and tricks for making a 2 minutes do-it-yourself stylus that is perfectly functional as a normal 30 dollars stylus. If it stops working properly, add some water once again. It should start working in no time!