How to Make a Homemade iOS Stylus

So, you own an iPhone and you want to make your own homemade iOS stylus? Well guess what – your wish is not just fiction. It is actually possible to do this, with a few tip and tricks, you can really do a homemade stylus for your iPhone. The functionality level can sometimes be tricky, though, depending on your “DIY” skills.

However, you will not lose a lot if you try and make your personalized stylus for your phone. Plus, you will not smudge up your screen while you are checking your phone and eating lunch, right?

In the last few months, Adobe came up with a brand new stylus, the innovative “Ink and Slide”. This is a perfect stylus for graphic designers and artists who are into drawing on their applications on their Apple gadgets. It is not a cheap stylus, but it is very effective.

However, if you are not really in the position to buy yourself the Adobe stylus for your Apple device, you can actually try and make your personal one. There is a very easy way to create your own pen, and that is with a cotton swab and a little bit of water. The best thing about it is the fact that it will function with smartphones and tablets, too, not just the iOS device. If you want to make your own stylus, you will need a q-tip, a ballpoint pen that is disposable, a little bit of aluminum foil, a pair of scissors and a pipe cleaner.

These are the only materials that you need in order to make yourself a perfect pen-gadget! The first thing you need to do is unscrew the little pen. After that, the ink tube should be removed, because the only part of it that is needed in order to create a homemade stylus is the polystyrene barrel part, and that is the tube of the pen.

After that, take your pipe cleaner and slightly fold it. In addition, place it inside of the tube of the pen. Cut a small aluminum square (6 cm x 6 cm) and afterwards, fold this and start cutting short slits on the sides. In addition, place the foil on the entire surface of the pen, and afterwards, wrap it up until the ending part of your pen. The foil should cover at least a little bit of the q-tip, but not the entire part. If it covers the entire part, the stylus will definitely not function properly.

After this part is over, you should place a little drop of clear water on top of the pen, directly on the cotton part of the q-tip. If you want to re-energize the pen in order to keep the pen conductive all of the time, try adding one drop of still water on its other end. That way, the pen will keep on functioning properly for a longer period of time. If you want to, you can also decorate your pen in your own personal style, depending on the color and figures you want to add.