How to Make a Fine Point Stylus for Android

Ever wondered how to make a fine point stylus for android without spending any of your money in a specific store? Then you should stop looking because you have finally stumbled upon the right place to find out where to create a brand new touchscreen stylus for yourself.

People started these do it yourself project in the last year and they are very happy with the fantastic outcome. It turns out that making a stylus for an android phone was not so hard after all. All you really need is to stay focused and follow the instructions that will help you create the perfect pen for Android.

Did you know that there is a way to turn your pen into a personalized stylus pen without using any extra cash for it? That way, you can have a pen that can be used anytime on your Android device. That way, you will also gain some control each time you use your Android phone. As we all know, it can sometimes be hard to purchase a very good high quality stylus pen, so why not opt for a homemade one? On the other hand, this would be a great project for anyone who has never used a stylus pen before. That way you will find out whether you really need this device or you can stick to the old fashioned way of using your Android phone- and that is by using your fingers.

This trick can be used for many different phones or other devices and gadgets such as tablets or laptops. It does not necessarily mean that you can only use it on an Android device. It is a very easy thing to do, but also one hundred percent effective and also intriguing. The first thing you need to do is find a very normal looking pencil in your house. After that, start digging for an old sock you do not use anymore and a pair of scissors. These are the three different things you need that will serve you great when you want to do your own stylus for your smart device.

What you need to remember is that the sock you are going to use for this experiment should be fully anti static. This is a very specific material that contains silver thread. The thread is going to help you and work perfectly on the Android touchscreen, and that is exactly why it is important that they contain this particular material. All you need to do is gently wrap up the normal looking pencil in your sock that contains anti static fabric. This trick should work perfectly on an Android device. All you need to do is try it out by doing a few gentle strokes on your device. If needed, you can change the pencil and the sock with silver thread from time to time- if you notice some slight alterations or bigger changes in the way the homemade stylus pencil works.

How to make a Stylus Pen without Conductive Foam

If you don’t want to spend your money on a store bought stylus pen, or if you are up to a do it yourself project that is both fun and useful, you could always work on a homemade stylus pen. It might not be on a design level as the fancy stylus pens but it will be your craftsmanship. If you happen to be a teacher you can teach your students how to make a stylus pen and it will make for a wonderful project that you can have as a class. It’s easy, fun and fast. And the best part is, you can make one by using household items.

This is one of the easiest methods of how to make a stylus pen. You need just few materials, aluminum foil, some tape, and a pencil. You are free to use a pen or a chopstick depending on your preferences. You will also need a sharp knife. Use the knife to whittle the pencil so it is not so sharp around the top edges.

When whittling the pencil make sure you don’t make it too thin and sharp on the top, because the touch screen might not register it. Rather than that just round it up a bit to mimic a shape of a pencil eraser or the tip of your finger. If you skip this step there is still a chance that your stylus pen would work, but this will make it more comfortable to use. Not rounding the tip will make the stylus pen work only if held straight, rounding it will give you the opportunity to have a bit of a tilt when using it.

The next step includes the aluminum foil. You need the wrap the pencil in at least two layers of it. Make sure you cover the whole pencil length with aluminum foil. When wrapping the tip make sure you smooth it out. You don’t want any wrinkles or folds. After that tape the aluminum foil at the center of the pencil to make sure it stays in place. This will make the stylus feel more secure and will keep the aluminum foil from unfolding.  Work carefully to avoid wrinkles and keep everything as smooth as possible.

Next thing you need to do is take a piece of scotch tape and place it on the top of the pencil. The part where the tip of the stylus pen should be. This will further smooth out the aluminum foil and it will prevent it from damaging or scratching the touch screen on your device. Again, you need to do this carefully and make sure the tip is smooth and round. Use your fingers and delicately place and then smooth the scotch tape over the tip of the stylus pen.

Try it on your phone. Your stylus pen is ready for you to use as you see fit. See if it works. It by any chance the touch screen on your phone has trouble registering it, try flattening the tip of the pencil further more.

 Top 3 Pressure Sensitive Stylus Pens

Finding a pressure sensitive stylus can be very tricky, considering that there are all kinds of stylus pens out there right now with similar options and key factors. Stylus pens’ popularity have recently increased so much, and because of that, new companies producing stylus pens have emerged all around the world. It is one of the smartest inventions of the 21st century, a perfect options for graphic designers, economists, mathematicians and artists of all kinds.

The first stylus pen that is extra sensitive to the touch is the Adonit pen. This is probably the best pen out there which also has a brand new option and that is stylus connected with Bluetooth, a Pixel for 80 dollars. This is the perfect sensitive stylus that you can easily pick up in your arm and start drawing immediately.

The body of Adonit is made from anodize millennium. Its options for smooth writing without any resistance that seems unnatural are just plain perfect. Rich Stevens, a famous designer and cartoonist recommended this particular stylus pen, saying that is is definitely worth it. This pen is one of the best pens out there in any sense, not just for its sensitivity. It is efficient, its battery lasts for a long time and it will definitely serve you good for more than a year. Adonit is an investment that you will not regret eventually.

Cosmonaut by Studio Neat is the second on our list, mostly because of its sensitive nature and its thick body made out of rubber. This is the perfect pen for people who want to draw all kinds of things on their device, even abstract art that might need more strength. The pen will last a long time and its battery is also very powerful. This pen is perfect for youngsters and for older people, too, mostly because of its thick and elastic body.

The last stylus on our list is the Bamboo by Wacom, which is a very well-balanced, sensitive pen with a very unique design that looks a bit “organic” and more natural than any other stylus pen out there. This high quality pen is sensitive to the touch and it is perfect for sketching or annotating, mostly because of its natural sensitivity.

However, it is not the perfect pen for writing too many text or pages. Bambo’s perfect pressure sensitivity is definitely one of a kind. Its battery can also be charged with USB that you will get once you buy the pen, and it’s reasonable price (around 60 dollars) is definitely worth it. This is the perfect sensitive stylus for all kinds of devices, from Samsung smartphones to Windows tablets. Wacom have definitely created a model of stylus that looks much better than the other models available right now. Its perfect organic shape and color will make you want to buy this pen instead of any other pen out there, especially if you are into fine art and design! The Bamboo stylus might be the last on our list, but it is our favorite!

Wacom have definitely created a model of stylus that looks much better than the other models available right now. Its perfect organic shape and color will make you want to buy this pen instead of any other pen out there, especially if you are into fine art and design! The Bamboo stylus might be the last on our list, but it is our favorite!

Top 5 Tablets with Stylus Pens

Tablets with stylus pens are definitely in style this year. Owning a stylus is the perfect detachable accessory that will help you work on your tablet – especially if you need to do some drawings or designing. Taking quick notes on your table is definitely much easier for organizing and storing everything in a perfect order. The stylus pen only comes as an extra accessory that will help you be more efficient while working.

Taking quick notes on your table is definitely much easier for organizing and storing everything in a perfect order. The stylus pen only comes as an extra accessory that will help you be more efficient while working.

The first tablet with a stylus pen on our list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. We placed this device as our number one tablet because it’s definitely the best Android tablet at the moment. Its technology cannot be compared to anything else on the market. The drawing, designing and writing on this tablet will be much more accurate than anything else you’ve tried already. Samsung’s technology is untouchable, and according to tech experts, this can be easily considered as the best tablet for the year. The display is sensitive to each tiny movement of the S-pen stylus.

The drawing, designing and writing on this tablet will be much more accurate than anything else you’ve tried already. Samsung’s technology is untouchable, and according to tech experts, this can be easily considered as the best tablet for the year. The display is sensitive to each tiny movement of the S-pen stylus.

The second table on our list is Lenovo ThinkPad 10. This is a tablet that has been around for quite a while, and it is considered as one of the best tablet + stylus devices out there. It is a Windows device that comes with a Walcom pen. It has a 10.1 display that can be easily connected to a desktop dock or a keyboard.

We placed Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 model on our third place. This is a business tablet that is the latest gadget from Microsoft’s hi-tech collection. There is a stylus pen and a coveted keyboard along with it. The stylus pen is called N-trig. It is probably one of the most precise styluses out there- it is easily compared to the famous Wacom stylus. The display is 12.2 inches and it is clear and sensitive to each movement with the N-trig stylus.

Fourth on our list is the famous VivoTab Note Eight by Asus. This is a quite low-cost device that contains a fantastic stylus pen perfect for graphic designers. If you are conscious with your money, we suggest you buy this amazing Asus tablet which is smaller than the Windows tablet, but its battery life is quite amazing and the display’s colors are bright and luminous. You will see that its size truly does not matter, because it is a great device for drawing.

The last tablet plus stylus on our list is the Venue 11 Pro 700 by Dell. It is an amazing tablet that can be used with a stylus pen, too- however, the stylus pen does not come along the tablet. You need to purchase the stylus by Dell called “Active”, and it will cost you 30 dollars. This is perhaps the only thing we dislike when it comes to this amazing tablet. They should have built in the stylus into the tablet, because if you need to purchase it separately, it will cost you a bit more. This device has a processor known as the Intel Core M, which is the fastest and most wanted gadget processor at the moment.

Best Stylus for Note-taking 2017

Finding the perfect stylus for note-taking can be quite time-absorbing, especially if you are a picky artist. It is a fact, however, that each artist has their own perfect medium that they choose for expressing themselves. The stylus pen is the latest artistic innovation that can be of great help for graphic designers, designers, painters and artists of any kind that have decided to do their work on their tablets.

The first stylus that we consider as the best for taking notes is the pencil by Apple which first emerged back in 2015, when the stylus pen was still a novelty This stylus functions if it is used on the iPad Pro and it is considered as one of the most effective and responsive hi-tech pens that are currently sold on the market. The iPad Pro has quite a sensitive screen, and thanks to that, this stylus can easily produce and create amazing artistic lines that contain a lot of interesting and different ways of drawing on it.

The second pen on our list is the stylus by Adobe called Ink and Slide. This is the perfect pen for people who want to do creative drawing on their tablets – you can do all kinds of shapes with this stylus. It is perfect for drawing circles and lines of all kinds – so it means that if you are into doing some geometric art, you need to check out this stylus.

The pen can be synced with one of the most famous platforms, Creative Cloud, and plus, it can also be synced with Photoshop Sketch and Illustrator Line. So, it is definitely the perfect pen for artist with Photoshop skills. On the plus side, it looks like a regular every day pen and it doesn’t weigh at all. You will feel like you are holding a regular ink pen in your hand while drawing on your tablet with it.

The third stylus on our list is called Pencil. Its unique shape and design makes it much more different from the rest. It looks like it has been made straight out of the woods, and its fine, organic-looking color is favorite among graphic designers. There are several tools that come available alongside this pen, like for example – watercolor drawing, ink sketches, drawing fine lines, comic-like drawing etc.

It is the perfect stylus that FiftyThree designed specifically for people who are into more organic looking designs. It also has an eraser that is already built into it. All you need to do is flip the pencil on the other side and you have an eraser. It does not weigh at all, so just like the above mentioned stylus, this one will feel like you are holding a regular pen in your hand. When the battery runs out, the tip of the pen can be removed and the USB stick can be popped in and thus, the pen is still usable while drawing with it.

Top 5 Stylus Pens for iOS Users

This week, we would like to share a list of the best stylus pens for all iOS users out there. There are a lot of different stylus pens out there, but not all of them have the same quality.

That is why you should always decide on buying the one that has the best qualities and the one that will last the longest, obviously.

The first one is the Apple pencil, that you can purchase from Apple. It costs around 99.99 pounds, and it is an original Apple stylus pen that will definitely serve you a long, long time.

It is made out of strong white plastic that has several features which are definitely not matched by any other stylus pen out there. The nib is one of its unique features. With this feature, you can use the pen on its left or right side and do some shading – it is perfect if you want to draw something on your iPhone.

It is lighter than most stylus pens and it has a unique Lightning connecter that can be place into an iPad and thus established instantly. It might be a bit on the expensive side, but it is definitely better than any stylus pen out there.

Adonit Jot Pro is one of the best alternatives for the Apple stylus pen. It costs 27 pounds, so it is much cheaper than the Apple one. It can be used for iPadPro, and it definitely has a fantastic build quality. The textured grip is what makes this pen solid and firm while holding it. It has a very unique cushioned tip that will enable you watch everything that you are drawing on your iPad.

Studio Neat Cosmonaut is the third stylus pen on our list. It costs 23 pounds and it is the perfect stylus for drawing. This pen is preferred by children who are into drawing, in general. It has a wide grip, and thus it is quite easy to hold.

The pen is also durable and works perfectly with all kinds of capacitive touchscreens. That means that this stylus pen is perfect for all types of iPads. This is a precise stylus that is not expensive yet great for its price. It is the perfect stylus for artistic individuals, so if you need a stylus pen specifically for drawing, you should buy this one.

Nomad Flex Brush is some kind of a stylus “paintbrush” that will cost you 24.99 pounds. This is the perfect styles with bristles and because of that, it really feels and looks like you are holding a paintbrush in your hand.

This pen is made out of clear milled aluminum. You can use this stylus pen with applications such as one of the most popular apps for painting – Procreate. This is another pen perfect for aspiring artists.

Top 5 Stylus Pens for Android Users

Android devices are widely used and so are the stylus pens for them. Choosing from such a variety of stylus pens can be confusing especially if you are choosing your first stylus and don’t know where to start.

Before buying a stylus you have to be absolutely certain that it is compatible with your device. We have created a list of the 5 best stylus pens for Android users and their devices. So if you need help choosing, look no further, our list has a breakdown of the best stylus pens for any use. 

1. Adonit Jot Pro

There is a reason why the Adonit Jot Pro is on every list of best stylus pens out there. Not only does is work with Android, but is also arguably one of the best stylus pens out there, and one of the most precise as well. It has a disc on the top that insures precision and is guaranteed to make your note writing experience state of the art. If you are looking for perfection, the Adonit Jot Pro is it, plus it comes in deferent colors to choose from.

2. AluPen Digital

Another great stylus pen for android users is the AluPen Digital. It requires no set up when you buy it and works with any app you might think of. It is so easy to use and perfect for beginners. It is shaped like a chunky pen and in black and silver making for a sleek design. It is very durable and precise.

3. Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus

If you are not really looking for a note taking stylus pen but rather a more artistic one, the Sensu Artist Brush & Stylus is for you. It is shaped just like a regular brush and is perfect for digital artists. It works on Android apps and devices so all you have to do is pick up the brush and start making art. There are different colors to choose from regarding design. Plus there is a rubber end which you can use as a regular stylus when you are not making art.

4. LynkTec TruGlide Pro

This stylus pen offers you a great deal in price and precision. It is a bit lighter in design than most stylus pens are so it might take a bit for you to get used to the feel of it, especially if you have years of experience with stylus pens, but if you are new to the world of styli, then you will have no problem with the TruGlide Pro.

5. Nomad Mini 2

This stylus looks as cute as it sounds. It has an affordable price, great sleek and modern design, it’s very compatible, probably one of the smallest stylus pens you will find, and at the same time it is still 2 in 1. It offers a brush part for digital artists and a rubber part to use as a regular stylus pen.

New Types and Styles of Stylus Pens

Knowing the different types of stylus pens is the first step to choosing the right one for you. Depending on your needs and preferences as well as your tablet you might want to look around and check which stylus is really for you. When choosing a stylus pen first you need to check what kind of technology is built into your touch screen so to be sure that the stylus pen you are looking at will work with your kind of device.

When choosing a stylus pen first you need to check what kind of technology is built into your touch screen so to be sure that the stylus pen you are looking at will work with your kind of device.

1. Capacitive Stylus

This is the cheapest and most basic stylus you can find. The capacitive stylus works with any touch screen device. If your device can recognize the touch of your finger, it will recognize the capacitive stylus. The best way to explain the capacitive stylus is to think of it that it works just like your finger does. This type of stylus doesn’t have any different functions and doesn’t have pressure sensitivity. Because of this they are not the favorite amongst digital artists.

Another con side to capacitive stylus pens is that it doesn’t have palm rejection option, which means your phone won’t differentiate between the stylus and your hand while you use it. On the pro side these types of stylus pens don’t require batteries, work with any device and are really cheap, you can even make your own. So it can be a good solution for a regular user.

2. Wacom Stylus Pens

If you are looking for more specialized stylus pens and need them professionally, these might be a solution for you. Wacom makes stylus pens for professional designers and artists. These days many companies such as Samsung and Microsoft use Wacom technology with their devices. This is due to the rise of the digital arts.

These types of stylus pens have a lot more features. For one, they have pressure sensitivity which is a huge plus amongst artists. Another plus is that they also don’t use battery so you don’t have to worry about charging them. On the minus side, they don’t work with every device. So before buying one you need to check if they are compatible with your device. Also they can be a bit pricier than the capacitive stylus due to their features.

3. Bluetooth Stylus Pens

This type of stylus fits somewhere between the capacitive and the Wacom stylus pen. It works with more devices than the Wacom stylus does, because it uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your device. So while it does work with most devices you actually need an app that supports it to work with this stylus.

A Bluetooth stylus pen also has palm rejection and pressure sensitivity which makes it good for professionals as well. On the minus side, Bluetooth stylus pens run on battery and they must be charged occasionally. Compared to the capacitive stylus, the Bluetooth stylus pen is definitely cheaper but in comparison with the Wacom stylus pen is can overlap in price depending on the individual stylus.

Different Types of Stylus Pen

It is safe to say that you can find all types of stylus pens these days. There are some pens on the market that are specifically designed for professional graphic designers, and some are just for everyone who wants to own a stylus pen and use it occasionally.

The basic stylus pen is the one that is generally used by most people who are not working with specific programs on their smart devices and only need to use their stylus from time to time. There will not be any improved accuracy if you use this type of stylus, but it will definitely help you doing simple things with your device.

You can even find a basic stylus pen for about 5 dollars. You can try Amazon Basics and purchase a stylus pen online. This is Amazon’s brand that produces all kinds of products and the stylus pens that are offered at Amazon Basics are generally cheap yet efficient.

If you are eager to spend more than 5 dollars, then you should look around for brands that have the best reviews by users online. There are stylus pens that will not cost you a lot yet are considered as great devices for doing sketches, maps and drawings on smart gadgets.

Microfiber stylus pens are similar to the basic rubber ones. They are like the upgraded version of the rubber stylus. You can find them in all shapes and there are about hundreds different brands that sell these types of stylus pens.

They will last a longer period of time and are much easier to use, hence you will not need to push the pen way too hard on your device just to make a simple click or write something on it. Microfiber pens are definitely better than the basic ones, though. We do not call them “the upgrade” for nothing.

You can find a microfiber pen just for 5 to 10 dollars online. A favorite stylus pen amongst users is ButterFox stylus used for all kinds of touch screens. This micro-knit stylus pen has been generally accepted by most users as one of the best and most affordable pens on the market. ButterFox is perfect for quick sketches and long writing on your smart device.

Adonit is another stylus company that is considered as popular. They have produced the famous Jot Pro pen that will easily mimic the movement of your hand and show tremendous results in the end. You will get fantastic accuracy while using the Jot Pro stylus.

However, there is one simple disadvantage, and that is durability of the pen. You will see that the connector might become a bit flimsy in a short period of time, and that is definitely not a plus, but on the other hand, it is not a big problem. You can easily replace the rubber disc.  After all, this particular stylus pen is perfect for drawing and sketching.

Android tablet users should really try the Samsung manufactured pens which are perfectly designed for android tablets. Adonit also has a line that is perfect for android tablets and is accepted by most users.

How to Pick the Best Drawing Stylus Pen for You

It does not matter if you like doing doodles when you are born or you are into old fashioned writing or diagrams, finding a good drawing stylus pen will definitely serve you right.

There are tons of stylus pens for drawing on the market, but not all of them are of the same quality. That is why you should buy a stylus pen that will be helpful and is generally equipped with all of the most important functioning tools.

Once you start using a stylus pen, you will not be able to stop, because it is truly one of a kind gadget for everyone. It can be specifically designed for an iPad, other tablet device, smartphone etc. Some people love drawing with their stylus pens, others do graphic design or algorithms. In the end, using one that is affordable yet effective is the most important detail of them all.

Adobe has recently upgraded their latest pen with a specific ruler combo – the Ink and slide. This is the best tool for anyone who likes using an iPad. It is perfect for the 4th model, for the mini iPad or the Air iPad.

You can sync it with CC (Creative Cloud). That is why all of your personal drawings are going to be stored and can also be accessed from your laptop or computer. It is the perfect stylus pen that easily works on different programs, such as the Illustrator lines of the latest applications such as Photoshop sketch. It has a highly sensitive top and an easy fine tip. You will feel like you are holding a pen and are about to write down on paper.

Apart from the pen, you will get a brand new case for carrying it and a small USB charger. If you are an Adobe fan, we highly doubt that you are not going to enjoy working with this pen.

FiftyThree has finally designed their latest “Pencil” stylus pen. It contains so many different tools and it is more than perfect for an artistic mind.

With this genuinely authentic stylus pen, you are going to be able to do some fine lines, watercolor paintings, sketches that will look like you created out of ink and pen, comics that will be created by using the new marker tool etc. It is truly a high-tech artist’s pen.

This pen can be used for iOS and it is one of the most solid products created by this company. It looks like a true and unique carpenter pencil. The model is created by pure walnut wood. There is also an eraser that is built-in carefully. You can easily flip the pen and erase things with it, smudge some lines or do a blurry effect. This stylus pen works the easiest when used on the Paper app.

However, it is also compatible with a couple of other applications, such as Squiggle, Noteshelf or Procreate. You can easily connect this pen via Bluetooth to your personal iPad. If there is no battery left, pop in the small USB and there you have it – a power bank for your latest hi-tech drawing gadget.