Adonit Jot Touch for iPad Review

The Adonit Jot Touch stylus pen was our favorite when it first came out. It’s still one of the most accurate and precise stylus pens for iPad out there. It’s a bit pricey when compared to other alternatives, but very worthy of the money.

Specs and Design

The battery of Adonit Jot Touch should last up to 11 hours. Or, at least, that’s what they claim. Nevertheless, it sells together with a magnetized usb charger that allows you to charge the pen standing up from its base.

Weighing only 0.7 ounces, this stylus pen is very light and comfortable to hold and use. If you want to use it as a basic stylus, you need to press the smaller of the two buttons. The Jot Touch has advanced features, such as Shortcuts, Palm Rejection, Pressure Sensitivity and Palm Rejection. To take advantage of these, you will have to connect the stylus via Bluetooth to 3rd gen or newer iPad and use apps such as Adobe’s Line and Sketch.

The awesome Adonit Jot Touch measures how much pressure you are putting to the screen and surprisingly, it works quite well. Over time, you will learn to create awesome effects. Features 2 buttons and after couple of minutes of using the pen, I find the buttons a little too easy to press. I pressed some of them by accident and that really annoyed me, because it interrupts the flow of drawing. So here’s a tip: adjust your grip so that your fingers stay away from the buttons.

The smaller of the two buttons are used for utensil selection, color selection and share options in the two apps we already mentioned. The bigger button can be used to Undo some action you have taken in Sketch, but it’s not applicable in the Line.

All in all, the Adonit Jot Touch stylus seems to be one of the best pens for iPad out there and it’s also a good deal for that price tag.

What Makes the Stylus Pen Work?

Stylus pens have become more and more popular in the past few months. They are a great option for many people who have professions including doing visual arts, graphic designs, physics etc.

With a stylus pen, you can actually start “writing” or “drawing” on your touch screen. It will look quite similar to a normal paper drawing or writing. Modern technology at its finest now lets us do whatever we want with our gadgets! Stylus pens are definitely some of the most advanced gadgets that digital artists use on a daily basis, especially when they are working on their tablets.

Stylus pens work because they work on touch screens which are not resistive. They were the earliest type of screens which deeply required more strength each time someone pressed this type of touch screen. Capacitive screens are different. They use different variations of the electrical field. Physical pressure is not really needed when someone needs to make a contact.

There are all kinds of capacitive screens used for commercial purposes, such as screens which are used in terminals for payment etc. These methods of creating touch screens are older, but they are still present nowadays. However, with the appearance of the stylus pen, a lot of advantages have also become present amongst touchscreen gadgets’ owners.

Most people still decide to use their fingers in order to work on their phones, devices etc.

However, some decided to get a stylus pen, mostly because it has many interesting advantages. Mobile phones are still small, and thus, narrow pens (stylus pens, respectively) can actually help in the process of picking letters and therefore, minimizing all kinds of typing mistakes. In most cases, drawing with the help of this kind of pen is quite natural. It can actually feel even more natural than doing the same thing with the top of your fingers.

The stylus is actually mimicking the normal hand position that is generally used when we use pens or when we use pencils. Therefore, stylus pens can easily make our personal handwriting feel and look extremely natural, and at the same time, it will increase the systems’ legibility.

Pen tablets are usually the most popular types of gadgets that require the usage of stylus pens. These types of tablets are generally quite popular amongst graphic designers, architects, engineers etc. With these types of tablets, you can actually help digital artists in the process of creating, drawing or writing in a very natural manner, almost similar to the process of doing all of this with your bare hands, a pen and a pencil.

The tablet’s surface easily starts sending electrical charges to the stylus pen, which afterwards reacts to these charges and therefore, a movement on the touchscreen is successfully created. The chip which is included inside of the stylus pen easily starts sending signals which are identifying the pen’s position on the touchscreen of the tablet. Afterwards, the device can easily locate each touch many times in each second you are drawing or writing on your tablet.

Javelin Stylus Pen Review

In the modern days it is practically impossible to imagine our world without electronic. We use smartphones, tablets and all kind of electronic that are design with touch technology. The use of stylus pens is making a big comeback. While some people are not keen on using them, some rejoice with the idea of them and their usefulness. There are a lot of pros and cons on using them but we can’t neglect their primary goal and that is to make our life easier.

Today we will write the Javelin Stylus Pen Review and what is our opinion on one of the newest models of stylus pen.

One of the best characteristics of the Javelin Stylus Pen is that is compatible with all devices. So, no matter if you use an Apple phones and Ipads, Kindle, Microsoft Tablets or Samsung Galaxy phones. This pen will make your life easier. With the use of this kind of pen you can be more precise and get more of the characteristics of your device. Also if you need something to write on paper, why not use this pen, because it has that option too.

This is a small and stylish pen that is only 7.3 inches. Even though is the largest in the Precision Touch line, still is really comfortable to use. There is a lot of thought that has gone into this pen, and the small thinning in the middle helps to grasp it better.

The new thing that they promoted is the replacement tips. You can order them separately. They are made of quality aluminum and if the original wears off, you don’t have to worry.

When researching about stylus pens, some people raiseconcernt about losing them. This is something that the javelin stylus pen has it covered in a sophisticated and elegant way. This pen comes with a chromed shirt clip or a tether ring, so you have options on storing your pen.

Another great advantage of this pen is the price. While it’s competition offers similar pens for big sums of money, this pen will not break the bank. The retail price on Amazon is only 13 dollars. 

As we mentioned in the beginning of this text, the use of electronics is something that we can’t imagine out everyday life. So one of the best things that the Javelin Stylus Pen offers is the possibility of personalizing your pen. They offer imprints on the barrel. The finish is elegant and makes a huge difference for promotional goals. You can choose from 5 different metallic colors.

In the end, no matter if you are a fan of stylus pan or not, we have to mention that this devices are the future. With the development of sensitive touch screens the need for soft stylus pen is invaluable. They protect the screens from scratches. Also they can help us in cold months and when somebody has orthopedic disabilities.

One thing we can do is try using one of this pens. After trying and reviewing the Javelin Stylus Pen with out phones, I don’t know if we are ever going back.

How to Make DIY Stylus in 2 mins

Ever wondered if you could make a diy stylus in 2 mins? Well guess what, these days there is an option for that! You can make a stylus by yourself and you can use it on your smartphone just the same as you would use your normal stylus.

At one point in your life, you will just have to come to realization that you can actually use something more than your hand for your smart gadget. What is interesting is that by making your personal and do-it-yourself stylus, you will not need to spend 30 dollars on a little metal piece.

Instead, you will be a bit productive and do one by yourself. In order for the stylus to function properly, it will need to carry all of the electricity that is fully static from the top of your hand to some of the material and then on your smartphone or smart gadget screen. You can actually do one by yourself by using cheap and funky materials that you can actually find anywhere around the house. What is even more interesting is that you can actually do this gadget in 2 minutes! You will only need a small q-tip (a small cotton swab), some foil (preferably aluminum), a pair of scissors, a strong tape and a normal pen.

The first thing you need to do is remove all of the used ink from your pen. After that, take the q-tip and cut it in an angle. After you do that, you should place the q-tip inside of your pen and simply tape all around so the q-tip does not fall off easily. Wrap all of the aluminum foil you need around your pen. It should be like 1-3 centimeters after the q-tip.

When you do that, wrap it up lightly and simply put some tape in the end so you can fully secure it. Put a tiny little bit of water on your cotton swab and do not worry – by doing this, you are not going to ruin your smart gadget. There you go! These are the simple tips and tricks for making a 2 minutes do-it-yourself stylus that is perfectly functional as a normal 30 dollars stylus. If it stops working properly, add some water once again. It should start working in no time!

What Materials can be Used on a Touchscreen?

Ever wondered if there are some materials and different products that can actually function on a touchscreen and make the screen react? After all, wouldn’t it be cool to know that some normal products can be used instead of doing a specifically designed stylus by yourself?

Of course, the best and most functional option would be actually buying a real stylus instead of experimenting with household objects, but hey, you can try, at least for scientific purposes! After all, you will be surprised what kinds of things can truly make a touchscreen respond to them!

We haven’t got a clue that any of these things respond to electronic device before we started this experiment. However, turns out we were missing out on a lot of things, considering the fact that there are tons of things and different materials out there that respond to electronic devices.

Wonder what is the first thing? An apple! Nope, not an “Apple” device, but a real, juicy apple. Just try them on your electronic device and see what happens. The banana is another thing that can function on a smartphone or any kind of touchscreen. It does not matter if it is peeled or not, but it truly functions better if it is peeled. Pretty fascinating, don’t you think? You should definitely try using them instead of a homemade stylus!

Luckily, the next thing on our list is not another fruit that can act as a homemade stylus. A battery is another thing that can respond to your touchscreen, which is quite obvious, considering the fact that a batter conducts the electricity and will easily leave an effect on the touchscreen. Only the negative part of it works, though, so go for the “minus” side, not the “plus” side.

Pennies, which are generally made out of copper which is a conductive metal just like silver, responds to touch screens too, would work if they were bigger. However, because they weigh only 2.5 grams and that is not enough for it to work on a touchscreen device.

Another interesting material that works pretty well is an aluminum crisp packet. We used onion and cheese crisps which were placed in a packet made out of aluminum and we succeeded! It worked because of the element. 

We also tried using leaves and they work, but it is hard and a bit tricky if you want to hold them and make them steady enough to cover a bigger surface of the touchscreen. They are easily destroyed so we prefer using a more solid object made out of a specific material instead of something that we can ruin in a second. 

Satsuma mandarin also works quite well, if it is the right size. All you have to do is take one part of this fruit and use it for your device. Apart from fruits and crisp packets, we decided to try gloves which contain metal fibers places in the part for the index finger and the thumb. They work perfectly and everyone who is into working on their device with gloves on their hands should definitely buy a pair.

How to Make a Homemade iOS Stylus

So, you own an iPhone and you want to make your own homemade iOS stylus? Well guess what – your wish is not just fiction. It is actually possible to do this, with a few tip and tricks, you can really do a homemade stylus for your iPhone. The functionality level can sometimes be tricky, though, depending on your “DIY” skills.

However, you will not lose a lot if you try and make your personalized stylus for your phone. Plus, you will not smudge up your screen while you are checking your phone and eating lunch, right?

In the last few months, Adobe came up with a brand new stylus, the innovative “Ink and Slide”. This is a perfect stylus for graphic designers and artists who are into drawing on their applications on their Apple gadgets. It is not a cheap stylus, but it is very effective.

However, if you are not really in the position to buy yourself the Adobe stylus for your Apple device, you can actually try and make your personal one. There is a very easy way to create your own pen, and that is with a cotton swab and a little bit of water. The best thing about it is the fact that it will function with smartphones and tablets, too, not just the iOS device. If you want to make your own stylus, you will need a q-tip, a ballpoint pen that is disposable, a little bit of aluminum foil, a pair of scissors and a pipe cleaner.

These are the only materials that you need in order to make yourself a perfect pen-gadget! The first thing you need to do is unscrew the little pen. After that, the ink tube should be removed, because the only part of it that is needed in order to create a homemade stylus is the polystyrene barrel part, and that is the tube of the pen.

After that, take your pipe cleaner and slightly fold it. In addition, place it inside of the tube of the pen. Cut a small aluminum square (6 cm x 6 cm) and afterwards, fold this and start cutting short slits on the sides. In addition, place the foil on the entire surface of the pen, and afterwards, wrap it up until the ending part of your pen. The foil should cover at least a little bit of the q-tip, but not the entire part. If it covers the entire part, the stylus will definitely not function properly.

After this part is over, you should place a little drop of clear water on top of the pen, directly on the cotton part of the q-tip. If you want to re-energize the pen in order to keep the pen conductive all of the time, try adding one drop of still water on its other end. That way, the pen will keep on functioning properly for a longer period of time. If you want to, you can also decorate your pen in your own personal style, depending on the color and figures you want to add.

How to Make a Fine Point Stylus for Android

Ever wondered how to make a fine point stylus for android without spending any of your money in a specific store? Then you should stop looking because you have finally stumbled upon the right place to find out where to create a brand new touchscreen stylus for yourself.

People started these do it yourself project in the last year and they are very happy with the fantastic outcome. It turns out that making a stylus for an android phone was not so hard after all. All you really need is to stay focused and follow the instructions that will help you create the perfect pen for Android.

Did you know that there is a way to turn your pen into a personalized stylus pen without using any extra cash for it? That way, you can have a pen that can be used anytime on your Android device. That way, you will also gain some control each time you use your Android phone. As we all know, it can sometimes be hard to purchase a very good high quality stylus pen, so why not opt for a homemade one? On the other hand, this would be a great project for anyone who has never used a stylus pen before. That way you will find out whether you really need this device or you can stick to the old fashioned way of using your Android phone- and that is by using your fingers.

This trick can be used for many different phones or other devices and gadgets such as tablets or laptops. It does not necessarily mean that you can only use it on an Android device. It is a very easy thing to do, but also one hundred percent effective and also intriguing. The first thing you need to do is find a very normal looking pencil in your house. After that, start digging for an old sock you do not use anymore and a pair of scissors. These are the three different things you need that will serve you great when you want to do your own stylus for your smart device.

What you need to remember is that the sock you are going to use for this experiment should be fully anti static. This is a very specific material that contains silver thread. The thread is going to help you and work perfectly on the Android touchscreen, and that is exactly why it is important that they contain this particular material. All you need to do is gently wrap up the normal looking pencil in your sock that contains anti static fabric. This trick should work perfectly on an Android device. All you need to do is try it out by doing a few gentle strokes on your device. If needed, you can change the pencil and the sock with silver thread from time to time- if you notice some slight alterations or bigger changes in the way the homemade stylus pencil works.

How to make a Stylus Pen without Conductive Foam

If you don’t want to spend your money on a store bought stylus pen, or if you are up to a do it yourself project that is both fun and useful, you could always work on a homemade stylus pen. It might not be on a design level as the fancy stylus pens but it will be your craftsmanship. If you happen to be a teacher you can teach your students how to make a stylus pen and it will make for a wonderful project that you can have as a class. It’s easy, fun and fast. And the best part is, you can make one by using household items.

This is one of the easiest methods of how to make a stylus pen. You need just few materials, aluminum foil, some tape, and a pencil. You are free to use a pen or a chopstick depending on your preferences. You will also need a sharp knife. Use the knife to whittle the pencil so it is not so sharp around the top edges.

When whittling the pencil make sure you don’t make it too thin and sharp on the top, because the touch screen might not register it. Rather than that just round it up a bit to mimic a shape of a pencil eraser or the tip of your finger. If you skip this step there is still a chance that your stylus pen would work, but this will make it more comfortable to use. Not rounding the tip will make the stylus pen work only if held straight, rounding it will give you the opportunity to have a bit of a tilt when using it.

The next step includes the aluminum foil. You need the wrap the pencil in at least two layers of it. Make sure you cover the whole pencil length with aluminum foil. When wrapping the tip make sure you smooth it out. You don’t want any wrinkles or folds. After that tape the aluminum foil at the center of the pencil to make sure it stays in place. This will make the stylus feel more secure and will keep the aluminum foil from unfolding.  Work carefully to avoid wrinkles and keep everything as smooth as possible.

Next thing you need to do is take a piece of scotch tape and place it on the top of the pencil. The part where the tip of the stylus pen should be. This will further smooth out the aluminum foil and it will prevent it from damaging or scratching the touch screen on your device. Again, you need to do this carefully and make sure the tip is smooth and round. Use your fingers and delicately place and then smooth the scotch tape over the tip of the stylus pen.

Try it on your phone. Your stylus pen is ready for you to use as you see fit. See if it works. It by any chance the touch screen on your phone has trouble registering it, try flattening the tip of the pencil further more.

 Top 3 Pressure Sensitive Stylus Pens

Finding a pressure sensitive stylus can be very tricky, considering that there are all kinds of stylus pens out there right now with similar options and key factors. Stylus pens’ popularity have recently increased so much, and because of that, new companies producing stylus pens have emerged all around the world. It is one of the smartest inventions of the 21st century, a perfect options for graphic designers, economists, mathematicians and artists of all kinds.

The first stylus pen that is extra sensitive to the touch is the Adonit pen. This is probably the best pen out there which also has a brand new option and that is stylus connected with Bluetooth, a Pixel for 80 dollars. This is the perfect sensitive stylus that you can easily pick up in your arm and start drawing immediately.

The body of Adonit is made from anodize millennium. Its options for smooth writing without any resistance that seems unnatural are just plain perfect. Rich Stevens, a famous designer and cartoonist recommended this particular stylus pen, saying that is is definitely worth it. This pen is one of the best pens out there in any sense, not just for its sensitivity. It is efficient, its battery lasts for a long time and it will definitely serve you good for more than a year. Adonit is an investment that you will not regret eventually.

Cosmonaut by Studio Neat is the second on our list, mostly because of its sensitive nature and its thick body made out of rubber. This is the perfect pen for people who want to draw all kinds of things on their device, even abstract art that might need more strength. The pen will last a long time and its battery is also very powerful. This pen is perfect for youngsters and for older people, too, mostly because of its thick and elastic body.

The last stylus on our list is the Bamboo by Wacom, which is a very well-balanced, sensitive pen with a very unique design that looks a bit “organic” and more natural than any other stylus pen out there. This high quality pen is sensitive to the touch and it is perfect for sketching or annotating, mostly because of its natural sensitivity.

However, it is not the perfect pen for writing too many text or pages. Bambo’s perfect pressure sensitivity is definitely one of a kind. Its battery can also be charged with USB that you will get once you buy the pen, and it’s reasonable price (around 60 dollars) is definitely worth it. This is the perfect sensitive stylus for all kinds of devices, from Samsung smartphones to Windows tablets. Wacom have definitely created a model of stylus that looks much better than the other models available right now. Its perfect organic shape and color will make you want to buy this pen instead of any other pen out there, especially if you are into fine art and design! The Bamboo stylus might be the last on our list, but it is our favorite!

Wacom have definitely created a model of stylus that looks much better than the other models available right now. Its perfect organic shape and color will make you want to buy this pen instead of any other pen out there, especially if you are into fine art and design! The Bamboo stylus might be the last on our list, but it is our favorite!

Top 5 Tablets with Stylus Pens

Tablets with stylus pens are definitely in style this year. Owning a stylus is the perfect detachable accessory that will help you work on your tablet – especially if you need to do some drawings or designing. Taking quick notes on your table is definitely much easier for organizing and storing everything in a perfect order. The stylus pen only comes as an extra accessory that will help you be more efficient while working.

Taking quick notes on your table is definitely much easier for organizing and storing everything in a perfect order. The stylus pen only comes as an extra accessory that will help you be more efficient while working.

The first tablet with a stylus pen on our list is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. We placed this device as our number one tablet because it’s definitely the best Android tablet at the moment. Its technology cannot be compared to anything else on the market. The drawing, designing and writing on this tablet will be much more accurate than anything else you’ve tried already. Samsung’s technology is untouchable, and according to tech experts, this can be easily considered as the best tablet for the year. The display is sensitive to each tiny movement of the S-pen stylus.

The drawing, designing and writing on this tablet will be much more accurate than anything else you’ve tried already. Samsung’s technology is untouchable, and according to tech experts, this can be easily considered as the best tablet for the year. The display is sensitive to each tiny movement of the S-pen stylus.

The second table on our list is Lenovo ThinkPad 10. This is a tablet that has been around for quite a while, and it is considered as one of the best tablet + stylus devices out there. It is a Windows device that comes with a Walcom pen. It has a 10.1 display that can be easily connected to a desktop dock or a keyboard.

We placed Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 model on our third place. This is a business tablet that is the latest gadget from Microsoft’s hi-tech collection. There is a stylus pen and a coveted keyboard along with it. The stylus pen is called N-trig. It is probably one of the most precise styluses out there- it is easily compared to the famous Wacom stylus. The display is 12.2 inches and it is clear and sensitive to each movement with the N-trig stylus.

Fourth on our list is the famous VivoTab Note Eight by Asus. This is a quite low-cost device that contains a fantastic stylus pen perfect for graphic designers. If you are conscious with your money, we suggest you buy this amazing Asus tablet which is smaller than the Windows tablet, but its battery life is quite amazing and the display’s colors are bright and luminous. You will see that its size truly does not matter, because it is a great device for drawing.

The last tablet plus stylus on our list is the Venue 11 Pro 700 by Dell. It is an amazing tablet that can be used with a stylus pen, too- however, the stylus pen does not come along the tablet. You need to purchase the stylus by Dell called “Active”, and it will cost you 30 dollars. This is perhaps the only thing we dislike when it comes to this amazing tablet. They should have built in the stylus into the tablet, because if you need to purchase it separately, it will cost you a bit more. This device has a processor known as the Intel Core M, which is the fastest and most wanted gadget processor at the moment.